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Here are 2 articles I found interesting.

The first deals with Kevin Smith being kicked off a plane for being fat.  I guess he usually buys 2 seats but went on standby so there was only 1 available.  Did the  pilot made a judgment call based on his own prejudices?  Smith said there was at least another larger person on the same flight who didn’t get booted.   I understand that flights are uncomfortable enough and no one wants to sit next to a fat person, but did this situation really warrant him getting kicked off?  I can’t say for sure, I don’t know how big Kevin Smith really is, but it sounds like he was actually able to put down his arm rest and fasten his seat belt, which is how Southwest judges if a person is safety risk or not.,0,3607084.story

Second article deals with plus size models.  Apparently this will be the upcoming trend at fashion shows.  Great, right?  Except are they really “plus size?”  Most are a size 12 or 14, which is actually quite normal, especially when you consider most models need to be a size 0 or 2, which is NOT the norm in society.  And why is the fact that plus size models will be on more runways an exception, rather than a norm? Do designers need to recognize that there are sizes beyond double 0 that like to be fashionable also?

“What we have to figure out is: How do we celebrate good health without stigmatizing people who are on either end of the spectrum and are still trying to work their way towards middle ground, which is good health?” Givhan said.


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