Will the real exerciser please come forward


Whenever I exercise (and sometimes when I don’t) I always have an image in my mind of being a runner, or at least someone who gets excited to be working out. I kept thinking that “someday” I would be one of those happy exercisers….but I’m not.

And I discovered that most likely, I won’t ever be. But that’s okay. I can finally be honest and say “I don’t like exercising.”

Saying that….I know that I need to exercise, and will continue to do so. It’s healthy and good for me, and I always feel better afterwards. But it is a sort of relief to actually admit that I don’t like doing it, that it is hard for me to get up the energy to even start it, and that 9 times out of 10 I’d rather be doing something else.

It’s good to know who I am, and to not put false expectations on myself. Am I an exerciser? No. Do I exercise? Yes. Knowing and appreciating the difference is helpful. I don’t feel so guilty now about grumbling about working out. I always felt guilty, like I should have such a different mindset about it all.

I was waiting to become a whole other person, instead of understanding who I really am. And now that I know that, perhaps working out will actually be slightly easier.


About erin711

It's a mess of a blog about being plus-size, loving clothes, having self-esteem issues, laughing way too much, and my daily interactions with the world around me. Stats - 37, live in Seattle with my boyfriend and 2 dogs.....and I'm funny sometimes

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