There is no crying in hiking


At least there was no crying this time

2nd hike of the year, Coal Creek in Bellevue. It was 6 miles…2 more miles than the traumatic Rattlesnake hike, but less of an incline. All week I stretched and walked in preparation.

It was such a beautiful day, and I was looking forward to the hike. I knew it would be hard and that I would have to deal with the whole leg issue, but I was prepared.

Surprisingly, my legs weren’t as much of a saboteur as the first hike. I kept walking, expecting to get to a point where my legs were ready to snap from the tightness and burning but….it didn’t happen. I kept doing the stretches Steve showed me, and remembering him saying “When you think you can’t stretch anymore, go a little further.” Egads, it actually worked.

We made it 3 miles in, and then headed back. There was a bit of an incline going back, and we took many many breaks. But there was no heartbreak this time…and it changed everything.

I think the biggest difference is how I approached this hike. I had no expectations except to try to do my best. I knew what my body was capable of, and I was okay with that. I had forgiven myself for hating my body and how it worked. I wasn’t worried about taking as many breaks as I needed. I knew what pain to expect….and although there was pain and soreness, it wasn’t unbearable.

After my last post, everyone told me how proud they were of me. Here I was, hating myself for being the “fat person hindered by her weight” and everyone else was saying I did a great job.

My mindset was in such a different place for this second hike that I really think it helped my body relax.


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  1. So happy for you. This is awesome – 6 miles! Yay!

    I soon want to get back to hiking too but I am afraid I have a loooong road ahead to try to get back in shape. Maybe we can do an easy hike together.

    Love ya and miss ya much,


  2. Good job little sister, 6 miles is no joke. Maybe I can join you guys for one of these hikes one of these weekends. Talk to you soon.

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