Well played, Zumba


I have done it…twice now.  Yes, I am speaking of the unknown world of Zumba! 

From my previous post, you could see there was a bit of trepidation yet I still wanted to do it.  I was very nervous about it.  No matter how much I investigated it online, there was only a certain amount of understanding that I could get.  But I figured I knew the basic idea of it and that was all I needed.  Well, that and a good friend to get me to go and about 100 pounds to lose…

My first issue….the wall length mirror.  I am totally fine looking at bits and pieces of myself, but all of myself?  In sweats?  Nuh uh, no likey.  And then add movement and jumping to this image….yikes!  So I just concentrated on watching the instructor instead of myself, which actually made more sense since she knew the moves and I didn’t. 

Second issue…being the biggest gal there.  The website promised that the class was made up of women of different ages and sizes, which was true.  Not all the girls were skinny 20 somethings…just about half.  But I was definitely the biggest.  I’ve been to other events where I’m the biggest person there, and sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t, there really isn’t any rhyme or reason to it, it all depends on my daily mood and self-esteem.  This time, it almost started to bother me but then I decided to not stress about it.    I was able to do most of the moves with rhythm, so all was good.

Third issue…having to modify the moves.  I am often self delusional (yes yes, I know, it’s shocking but true!) and I believed that I would excel at this class and just breeze through it.  Why?  No idea.  I don’t really “breeze” through anything, let alone EXERCISE.  Honestly, it’s like there are at least 2 different people in my head at any given time telling me how to think and behave, and they never agree!  Anyway, there were certain moves I just couldn’t do, either because it was too much stress on my knees, or those pesky calves of mine were tightening up again.  Oh the curse of the calves!!  They get me everytime….and even though I was sad that I had to modify some of the moves, I still kept moving and doing as much as possible.  And then when we were back to doing something I could handle, I actually did it a little harder to make up for the modifications.

So overall…Zumba gets an A!  And I also get an A!  I did something totally new, out of my comfort zone, enjoyed it, and lasted the whole class.  And went back for more!!!  And I really must give extra kudos to my gorgeous Zumba partner Deb…she was the one who found the class and got me to go.  And she is always such a cheerleader about it, and there is no way I could argue with her optimism!!!

My goal is to keep going to Zumba at least twice a week, and to stop worrying about what I look like in the mirror from hell.  And I won’t stress about my size while I’m there either.

What can you challenge yourself to do?  What is outside of your comfort zone but seems intriguing?  Try it, do it, investigate it….it’s worth it, even if you don’t like it.  Just knowing you did something different and a little scary is a great boost.


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