Why I blog (Fat-scinating)


I started this blog for a few different reasons.  I read a lot of different blogs, and most of them are written by big beautiful women who love fashion and their bodies.  I thought “I could do that.”  I also wanted some sort of outlet, some way to organize my thoughts and opinions.  I also thought that being committed to a blog might help me grow and be more creative.

I had a specific theme in mind when I started this blog, but it’s kind of went off track.  But maybe that’s okay.  Maybe if I write more, I’ll figure out what exactly I want this blog to be about.  Maybe it’s not about anything in particular, and that would be okay too.  Just my ponderings and wanderings and likings, I’m okay with that.

I had intended to take photos of me and my various outfits, and I still haven’t done this. I would like to do this, something is holding me back.  I am shy about asking people to take pictures of me, for one.  I could manage to do it myself, maybe….And perhaps, I’m a little worried about how the pictures will turn out.  I get dressed everyday thinking “this is cute!” then I look in the mirror and it’s not quite the outcome I wanted.  What if that happens with the pictures too?  Damn!  But…what if by taking more pictures of myself, I can get more accustomed to what my body actually looks like and I can be happier with who I am?  Maybe taking pictures will actually have a good outcome and will be the best thing I can do with this blog.

My self-image is really rather jumbled in my head.  Sometimes it’s great, other times it’s a horrible mess.  I must say it’s better than it was 5 or 10 years ago, but not where it should be.  And it’s so easy to have it change just from seeing a picture or a reflection.  So maybe I need to be more comfortable with “Erin in the pictures.”

Eh, who knows.  I’ll try to write more often and figure out some sort of direction.


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  1. Take the pictures – just take them! Take lots and lots of pictures, then delete the ones you don’t like. If you take 10 or 20, you’ll like at least a few of them. If you only take one, don’t like it, then give up, you’ll never know how awesome you look 🙂

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