Dog love dog world


No matter how I feel throughout the day, I know each morning I will get a huge boost to my self esteem from my dogs.

Honestly, they are so excited when I get up each morning!  I have never had a dog so excited to have me get up from bed.  I have to spend time giving them both love every morning or the day isn’t right for any of us.

It is so sweet to have that unconditional love, and no matter how I look or what I’ve done or said, they love me.  They wag their tales when I laugh, they wag their tales when I smile at them, Charles rolls over as soon as I take a step in his direction….It’s simple, but they make me happy.

They don’t care if I’m fat or if I don’t want to talk. All they want is love and attention, and that’s all they want to give me. Well, Charles also wants to have a ball at all times, but that works.

Really, all they do is give me joy and make me feel loved. Except when I step on toy or trip over a ball or Charles stands on my feet…but other than that it’s. Oh, and I could also do without stinky dogs laying at my feet and silenty farting and stinking up the place….phew

I love my dogs, they love me, and all is right in the world. They don’t get upset with me or angry with me, or annoyed with me. I’m not saying I don’t have lots of human support and love too, I do, but it’s just so undemanding with the dogs! I wish everyone could feel it.

And yes, Charles’s tongue really is that long.


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  1. your pups are so pretty!

    you should become a cat person. instead of all that unconditional love, you too could have demon kitties wrapped around your ankle, attempting to knaw your foot off. and btw cats can do the silent but deadly too believe it or not!

    • Thanks, they are very pretty!! And I had a cat years ago, his name is Bodie, he lives with my mom now. He’s a sweetie too. I like all animals, but Steve is allergic to cats and thinks they are evil. Your cats sound quite….nice.

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