Winnie McWinnerson the Winner


So, yesterday’s post was about my daily self-esteem boost from my doggies.
I got another great boost today, I won a contest!

It was a totally random drawing, so I didn’t do anything special or Erin like to win, but it’s still so nice to win anything! You know it’s true, think of when you won something, anything. It just makes you feel warm and fuzzy and awesome and like a total badass! Well, that’s the reaction I have anyway. It’s like “Yay, I’m EXTRA special today!!!”

I almost didn’t even enter this contest, silly me! It was on one of the many blogs I read, and it was for a new shirt and jeans from Just My Size. Imgazine my surprise when I got an email saying I won! Woohoo!

Oh, that means I really will have to take a picture for this blog when I get the outfit. (Outfit – hee hee Joe.) I actually took lots of pictures of today’s outfit, I just need to see how they turned out. I also took them in the bathroom at work, so they might be really wonky. I know, I’m just teasing you aren’t I? Oh we’ll have photos up here eventually. The first one is the hardest.

I also realized part of my problem. Every time I looked at a pic I took on my camera viewer, I always thought “You can’t see any of the details! How stupid! How do those other bloggers get such great pics? I hate the internet!!” And then I realized…the pictures on the blogs are actually a bit bigger than what I’m seeing on my camera viewer, since I’m looking at them on a computer screen….yeah, sometimes the blond hair is natural. (And just to prove that I know I’m putting off posting pics, I’m tagging this post with “procrastination.”)

But I digress….. I’m a winner, and not just because of the contest. I think everyone should go enter some contests, raffles, and buy some lottery tickets. And try a new recipe! (Hey, I made potato soup the other night, and for anyone who knows me, that’s a big deal!) And it was tasty!


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