Totally quiet, under the radar, no fanfare post of first outfit



Me on the morning of my first outfit. Love the messy hair

Well, here we go.


I’m still struggling to take the best pictures of myself.

As I went through all the photos I took of this outfit and of me, I wanted to delete all of them.  But then I decided to try to be fair to myself, and realize that I don’t look horrible in all of my photos.   I also realized the real reason I want to post these photos.  At first, I wanted to promote plus size fashion and show that big girls can look cute too, sort of a “fat acceptance” theme.  But as I kept going through the photos and picking myself apart and being mean to myself, I realized that there is a much better reason.  I think that by taking photos of myself and posting them for anyone to see, I will start to have a better self-acceptance.  I will learn to like myself more, and be able to love my body and myself.  I will be able to let go of my insecurities and appreciate who I am.  At least, that’s the current goal.  And I had no idea that posting pics would lead to that, or that I had such horrible self-esteem when it comes to pictures.  Apparently, I can love myself just fine unless I see myself in the mirror or a picture.   That just won’t do.

Here is what I wore:

Yes, it could be a much better picture.  You can’t see many details, my feet are cut off, it’s blurry, and it’s in the bathroom at work.  But I’ll get better, promise!

For those that care:

Tank and cardigan – Torrid, both on clearance for $5

Jeans – Lane Bryant

Converse like shoes – Payless

Blue bead necklace – Old Navy

Earrings – Fashion Bug(?)

Here are some pics with better details of the clothes


I’m also still learning how to insert pictures into blog posts, argh!!!!

Well, here it is.  I’m a bit nervous, and unsure, and thinking about not posting this.

But I will, even just to prove that I can start to do new things, and I can get over my fears, and build up my self-esteem, slowly.



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  1. Love the pics and the outfit…I totally get what you say about feeling good about yourself until you are face with a mirror. I have been feeling that MOST of my life. Even when I was a LOT thinner…I always have the super strong positive idea of who I am and then the reflection in the mirror that to ruin it all…

    I has taken me a long time (still a work in progress) to reconcile the mental image with the mirror image…it’s much better now. As I grow older and I truly get to appreciate who I have become.

    I think it is awesome that you are posting the outfits. You know I love your sense of style and I def could use help putting myself together 🙂

    Love ya

    Me ❤

  2. love the outfit, and that light purply color is great on you. earrings and so cute and happy, love the chucks! oh and sooo jealous on the Torrid score for $5!

    • thank you!!! i feel a little better now having actually done the first outfit. I just snuck some photos in the work bathroom for today’s….check out torrid’s clearance, honestly, the prices are crazy low sometimes!

  3. You are super cute! I like your outfits but I think I like this first one the best!! 🙂

    I stumbled on your blog and am enjoying your posts! 🙂


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