B-Loved (Letter B)


My list of loves of all things B related

I really can’t think of any B foods or drinks or restaurants that I love. Yes, I like bananas and bacon, but I don’t love them….this can’t be right.


  • Bobby Hill – “I said I wanted a pony!”
  • Bollywood
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary – I don’t do many girly things or movies, but there are 2 that get me, and I can watch them over and over. Miss Jones is one of them, I related to her like no other person. I find myself doing similar actions, so I love her while I sympathize with her. Great soundtrack too.


  • Books!!
  • Judy Blume – as a girl of the 80’s, her books were almost required reading! And we all remember all the scary and juicy stuff from “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” Truly a must read for any pre-teen girl.
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (movie also!)
  • Blogs


  • The BeeGees– I grew up listening to them, my mom would play the Saturday Night Fever album all the time, until I was old enough to operate the record player in my room and I stole it for myself. They have a lot more than just disco songs, and actually are beautiful song writers.
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • Baby It’s You by Smith – there are a few versions of this song, but this is the sexiest very most awesome version.  First heard it on the Grindhouse Soundtrack.  Quentin Tarantino has some excellent soundtracks to his movies.
  • Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon – This song makes me cry every time
  • Biggest Part of Me by Ambrosia – I am a child of the 70s/80s
  • Burning Love by Elvis – one of my very favorites by Mr Presley
  • Beautiful Mess by Diamond Rio – reminds me of the early early days with Steve
  • Beautiful by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley


  • Boots
  • Boas



  • Burlesque – Just in general, so sexy with non-skinny women, music, and COSTUMES!!!
  • My boyfriend!
  • My brothers
  • Binder clips – I’m a freak for certain office supplies
  • Blue
  • Beer wenches – I find them to be very cute and sexy
  • Barbie – I know there is the whole love/hate thing and that she represents an unreasonable image, but I grew up with Barbie dolls and I loved them.
  • Boxes – I love the possibility of what they could hold!

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  1. ok, I can’t think of any B foods either, this is going to bug me. and i’m totally there with you about office supplies, cant have enough of that stuff. I would put Better Off Dead under movies for me ;), and Breakfast Club (I am true to my generation lol)

    • HA! Those movies are coming up actually! I am going to do something about John Hughes movies and John Cusack 80’s movies!!! I love so much of what they both did that I didn’t want to split it up! One Crazy Summer and Better Off Dead – LOVE!!!

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