Well lookie lookie who’s posting another outfit


Okay, I need a better word than outfit.

I have a joke going with my brother Joe and I can’t use the word outfit without laughing.

Tshirt – Target

Jeans – Lane Bryant

Cardigan – Target

Boots – Fashion Bug

Scarf – Walgreens

I liked the color combo of the scarf and the sweater, but not the actual finished effect.

I took it off and thought it looked better.  Besides, it was hard to appreciate the detail on the cardigan with the scarf on.

I’m trying to be more creative and breakout of my fashion comfort zone, hence the scarf.

Oh well, I’ll try something new later this week again and see how it works.

Again, sorry for the bad pictures with no detail…I’m working on it.

At least I have some pictures up.  FINALLY.

This is me practicing taking more pictures of myself and trying to like what is produced while ALSO pretending to be shy and bashful.


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  1. Instead of saying “outfit” you could say “costume”! I was always taken aback when I heard people in Europe talk about what costume they would wear to some event, thinking there must have been a lot of costume parties, though I rarely saw people running around dressed as Superman or the Wicked Witch. They meant their clothing – what they were going to wear!

  2. Love the cardigan, our target has about 2 racks for plus size and its the same khakis they’ve had for 3 years and plain tshirts that are WAY overpriced. but then everything is better out west. and those boots are so cute!

    • I have a love/hate relationship with Target. They will have one tshirt in 12 different colors, and act like they have a huge plus size selection. Their plus size collecction is actually smaller than their maternity section, and I think that there are more big gals out there than pregnant ones! But sometimes the XXL stuff will fit, they are trying to get new plus size collections (Pure Energy) and sometimes you can find cute things for $5 on the clearance rack!

  3. Uh, this is what goes on during work at city jobs? Obviously all the rumors are true. Your “little outfit” by the way, looks very good on you.

  4. The cardigan detail is very pretty, but my favourite part of your outfit is your footwear Those are truly great boots.

    (I think the word ‘outfit’ is funny , but I don’t know a better one.)

    • Thanks so much! My friend suggested “costume” which I like for the dramatic effect!

      I almost missed out on the boots. I saw them at LB, but they didn’t have my size, and I hesitate to buy things online, I usually have bad luck. A few months later, when I went back to LB, they had one pair in my size. I was so excited!

      By the way, love your site!

  5. Very well put together, my love!

    Colors goes great and combination of wear mesh softly together! I love it!

    Great pictures by the way and I look forward to more!

    One thing, can we request one with an attitude, like a fiesty attitude one!!! I know you got one somewhere! LOL

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