Spaghetti, a camper, and no outfit-outfit post


I am not a cook.  I like food, and yet I don’t know how to cook.

I can make simple things, and I make spaghetti fairly well.

I am self-conscious about cooking.  Steve is such a good cook, and I am so bad, that I get nervous about trying to make something and failing and making him eat it.  I’m one of those people who if I can’t do it well, then I don’t want to do it.  I really just need to keep trying and experimenting.  Steve is very nice about eating what I make, whether it’s bad or not.  I just end up feeling badly when I fail at trying to make something.  It’s just one more thing I have bad self-esteem issues over.  Who the heck has self-esteem issues over cooking?  Seriously….oy.

So I was fairly surprised when I was asked to make spaghetti to help celebrate one of my brother’s birthdays.  But since I can manage that, I said okay.

I start with a bunch of veggies.  According to only 2 of my friends, this is weird.  According to the rest of the world,  not so weird.

Then I add sausage and hamburger, pre-made sauce, and some spices.

Yummy!  I forgot a picture of it with the noodles. Oh well

Also of note this day – Steve brought home the camper!  We had one years ago but had to get rid of it.  He bought this one from his friend.  It needs a little work, but is in pretty good shape!  We need to plan some trips with the doggies.  We are also thinking of a name for her, perhaps Delilah?  Remind me to tell you the story of our first camper, Sarah, and our trip to Chelan.  And my sleeping freakout….and the kitty.

After all the excitement of spaghetti and the camper, I got ready to go surprise my brother for his birthday.  It was going to be small,but that worked out just fine.

I got all  prettied up, and took some pictures….which didn’t come out very well.  Which sucks, because it was a cute outfit!  I didn’t check the pictures very well and didn’t realize there was no light….sorry!  But I’ll wear it again, no worries.  I should have had Steve take some pics, but poor boy was feeling very very sick.  You can have some face shots though.

We had fun.  We ate too much food, with a cake that gave me a hangover this morning.

We played Pandemic, which was fun but we lost….sorry world, maybe next time.  We only found 3 of the 4 cures.

Then a little bit of Rock Band!  I unlocked the “Flawless Vocals” achievement or something similar by rocking out to Heart of Glass by Blondie.  And I hurt my stomach laughing at Shannon singing Du Hast by Rammstein.  Seriously, I couldn’t play the guitar while he was singing.  I’ll think I’ll sing some Queen next time.

It was pretty mellow, but it was fun.  I’m glad we didn’t actually go out and get drunk, since I was sick with a cold and am all stuffed up today. I think stress is making me sick.

and here’s a pic with my teeth showing for Channa


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  1. Love it all… You take awesome pics. The food looks amazing and the camper looks pretty nice too.

    Y’all will have lots of fun this summer.



  2. You are much too nice.
    I am getting over my anxiety of my photos, I still have lots of issues.

    I need more cake.

    The camper can sleep about 8, so we might be able to all go somewhere together! Let’s do Chelan!

  3. sounds like you had fun!

    as far as worrying about being a bad cook, you should watch Worst Cook in America, you will feel like a gourmet chef in comparison. One woman gave her husband food poisoning 3 times in one year!

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