In a funk-ky dress


I’ve been in a bit of funk for awhile…a few days, months…a year.  It’s just lots of stuff that’s built up that I haven’t done much about, and so I get in moods where I just don’t really care about much.  One thing I tend to not care about is how I look or how I represent myself.  I get tired and lazy, and just want to do the bare minimum every day, which is covering my body in any type of clothing and that’s it.   But, since writing this blog, I’ve had to make more of an effort.  And in making an effort to have an outfit to post, I’m slowly coming out of my funk.

So instead of me starting to feel better and dressing better because of it, I’m actually feeling better because I’m dressing better.  So simple, but it helps.

It’s hard to be in a funk wearing such a fun dress.

It’s surprising that you can force yourself into a better mood, but apparently it’s possible.

I love this dress, I’ve had it for years.  I don’t know if I should wear it, since it very possibly makes me look pregnant, but it’s so cute and comfy and fun, and it has pockets.

Also, I think next time I will wear it with tights instead of my jeggings.  I just wanted to be more comfy today, and tights seemed like a big effort.

Dress – Dress Barn

Jeggings – Lane Bryant

Boots – thrifted

Necklace – Lane Bryant


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