I can’t remember because I tried on too many pants


Today’s costume is actually more interesting than it seems.  And sorry for all the blurry pics, I’m learning.

First, you might possibly be wondering why I have only half shots.  Once I got to work to take my secret photos in the bathroom, I realized how ill-fitting my jeans were, and refused to include them in the photo.  I can do that.  It also made me realize I need to go shopping for pants this weekend, which I hate, which is why I have ill-fitting jeans.  Oh vicious cycle!  I’ll have to go by myself too, I can’t drag my mom or a friend along and have them wait for me while I’m crying and yelling in the dressing room.

I think my hatred for pants shopping comes from when I was younger.  My mom used to take us to the thrift stores for clothes, which was awesome.  But there was one particular time where she was determined to outfit me for a year or some weird amount of time and had me try on a mountain of pants.  No lie….there was a stack of pants in the dressing room as tall as I was, I can see it clearly!  And after all that work, I wanted one shirt and she said I couldn’t get it because she didn’t like the color.  It was a pretty green one….I think I was 10, and I’ve been traumatized ever since.

So, no pants in today’s post.  Get over it.

Another weird thing about today’s costume is the shoes.  I keep most of my shoes in bins because we have a small house and it’s easier to store them there.  I get in the habit of wearing the same shoes for a while, then I look through my bins and it’s like I’ve gone shopping all over again.  I found a pair of shoes that I had absolutely no recollection of.  Very weird.  I couldn’t remember ever wearing them or even buying them.

As I ran around getting ready for work in these forgotten shoes, I started to remember that I had problems with them, like a part that isn’t sewn quite right so it can get caught in a weird position if I don’t fix it.  I also remembered that they aren’t very comfy to wear all day long.  So I remember my issues with them, but not when or where I bought them….as my dad likes to say, “The second thing to go with old age is memory, I can’t remember the first.”  So I’m wearing the weird shoes, and agreeing with myself that they aren’t the comfiest to wear all day long.  There isn’t enough support.  But they aren’t bad shoes, they are just misunderstood…and forgotten. I love my socks though.

My third observation or point of interest is my jacket.  I love “What Not to Wear” but a lot of times I would disagree with some of the points they would make, such as a fitted jacket.  Honestly, for a time there you would think they were getting reimbursed every time they told someone to wear a fitted jacket.  It could have been the theme of the show.  And as Clinton and Stacy would gush about fitted jackets, I would yell “Not everyone can wear a fitted jacket, CLINTON AND STACY!”  Oh please, like you only yell at the tv when it’s a scary movie?

I saw this jacket and thought “FINE! I’ll try it and then I’ll be vindicated in knowing that not everyone can wear anything!”  Yes, I have grandiose thoughts such as thought.  But fate was laughing at me that day, or someone else.  I tried it on, liked it, liked it a lot actually, and was proven wrong, but in such a wonderful way.  I am slowly trying to get over certain rules and limitations, not only ones that society places on me, but also ones that I insist on following. I need to get over it.  For example, big girls shouldn’t wear belts, or white jeans, or skinny jeans….I’ll get to all of them eventually!  I might pass on the maxi dress though, mostly because I am so short that I will probably look like I’m wearing a mumu instead of a cute maxi dress.

Jacket, camisole, jeans – Lane Bryant

Hat – Icing

Necklace – Fuego (awesome store,) a present from my friend Deb

Socks – Dress Barn

Shoes – a mysterious appearance in my shoe bin

OH!!!!  and I’m not wearing any earrings – I had some that were in my pocket in the first pair of jeans that I had on.  Then I realized they were my weird high-water jeans that I only wear around the house or to run to the store, so I had to change to the other ill-fitting jeans.  SEE????  I have many issues with pants!


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It's a mess of a blog about being plus-size, loving clothes, having self-esteem issues, laughing way too much, and my daily interactions with the world around me. Stats - 37, live in Seattle with my boyfriend and 2 dogs.....and I'm funny sometimes

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  1. In the U.K. “pants” means underpants. “Pants” is also a term they use when something has gone wrong, as in, “Oh, pants! I missed the bus” or “this pocketbook is pants – it’s falling apart at the seams”.

    So, while you’re shopping for pants this weekend, feel free to call “pants” on any pants that are pants.

    • Wow, this came at just the right time. We were watching “The IT Crowd” last night and they were hanging out in their underwear but they said “pants,” so if I hadn’t read your comment, I would have been confused! The U.K. is WEIRD.

      Pants you pants!

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