Down in D Lover (Letter D)


Oh letter D, you are divine, delicious, delectable, and devious.

I also happen to use “Duh” and “Durr” a lot.


  • Diet Coke – I am trying to limit my consumption, hopefully soon I’ll be down to none







  • My dad – one of the best men I have ever known
  • Drag Queens – they wear some of the greatest costumes, and they perform.  I wish I was a drag queen.
  • My dogs!!

Disclaimer – I am slightly off on labeling some characters and names in these posts.  If it’s a real person, I post them under their last name.  If it’s a character, I try to do it under the first name, since that is probably how the book or movie is alphabetized…but I’ve messed up on a few, so if I get one letter right in the name somewhere, I call it good.   I am not some crazy control freak, so don’t judge!

Ha, I didn’t even mean to do the disclaimer under D, how freaking awesome am I?


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