Mean Jeans


 I think I liked this outfit better at home, it seemed slighty more slimming.

Oh well, I still like the colors.

I’m wearing a new pair of jeans, you like?

I took this picture at the end of the day, and I was tired, so I apologize for the slight attitude.

Did I tell you that I HATE trying on jeans?  Or any pants (trousers) at all?  I barely tolerate trying on shoes.  But, I decided it needed to be done so I took myself off to Torrid.

This is only the pile of folded ones I tried on, there were another 10 pairs hanging up that I tried on.

But, I did end up buying about 4 pairs, which is a lot for me. 

My only problem is that they have fake pockets, which I didn’t notice in the store.  Why bother sewing on the seams of pockets but then not actually having a real pocket?

it makes me look like an idiot when I keep trying to slide my phone into it over and over again and then just dropping the phone because my mind can’t register what is happening.

Oh well, what to do?  I like the fit and look of the jeans, so that’s what matters.

(How do you like my acting?  Didn’t you feel like you were experiencing having no pockets in your jeans?)

Jeans, cardigan, hair pin – Torrid

Camisole – Lane Bryant

Boots – Craigslist (yes, it’s the boots again!)

Necklace – I made it


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  1. You’re so much braver than I! you look awesome in the animal print and turquoise, guess your just one of those that can pull that off, me, i’d just look like road kill 😦

    Great jeans too! I can’t stand trying crap on, drives me nuts. Does Torrid do lots of plus size? where are they, I may have to go

    • Wow, thanks so much! I still can’t believe I’m doing this. I think I’m slightly crazy.
      I think you could pull off an animal print though!
      Torrid is all about plus sizes, that’s why I love it so much! I pretty much get most of my clothes there, and Lane Bryant.
      There is one at Southcenter and one at Northgate mall too. You should totally go!
      Or check out their website, you can get a good idea of what they have.

      • Hmmm…maybe animal print someday (I do have a purple leopard print bag though). Maybe a field trip to Southcenter is something our “Girl Group” could do 🙂 I hate shopping alone or with my kid (not really as impartial as I need lol). Or maybe, just shopping with the girls is in order.

        I’ll check them out, and you keep right on going girlfriend, I’ll live vicariously through you until I get my confidence up there!

      • Sure, I’ll go! I hate shopping in general, but it’s always a little better with the girls!!

        And most of the time – I actually fake my confidence, but it seems to work!

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