ASOS in Wonderland


I find it interesting/sad/weird that I can say “Look at my picture!” but I can’t say “Please take my picture.”

Why in the world is that so hard for me?

I told Steve I might need him to take pictures of me, since it is the weekend so I won’t have the work bathroom to sneak into to take my pictures.  And it was hard for me to ask him, when I know it’s no big deal for him, and he would be more than happy to do it. I’m going to have to think on this one, and work out my weird feelings and why I have such issues with it.

This is how I started the day.

The dress is from ASOS, which I talked about yesterday.  Comfy AND cute!

I had my hair back in two high twists

See my roots?  I need to get my hair colored again!!

I decided to take my hair down at lunch time, and look at the amazing curls!!

Dress – ASOS

Tights – We love Colors

Boots – you know the story

Necklace – a birthday present from Steve

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I just realized I forgot to take off my sexy work badge before taking this picture.


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