Stuck on the hoops


I finally had someone else take my pictures!  Steve was more than willing.  I think he did pretty good.

Although my smile is off.  I was nervous!  I have no idea why.

Can you see Ella trying to get into the picture?

The dogs were excited because both Steve and I were outside.  They were delirious.

I was off to a wedding shower, so I wanted to look nice.

Dress – Torrid

Camisole – Lane Bryant

Necklace – Fuego (gift from Deb)

Purse – Target.  I got it years ago, and pull it out every spring.  This was the first outing of the year for it.  I love this purse.

Hair pin – made by Brenna.  I’m actually off to help her model her pins for her site, so I can give y’all a link very soon I hope!

Do you notice that I wear my hoop earrings almost every day?  I tried on another pair with this outfit, honest!  I am just stuck on the hoops.  Huh…I kind of like that expression.  I’ll have to use it in another situation.


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