Brought to you by the Letter E (Letter E)


I’ve always had a special fondness for the letter E, since my name begins with that letter.  Growing up I never knew any other Erins except for Erin on The Waltons and Erin Moran, who played Joanie on Happy Days.  It wasn’t until high school that I met another Erin.  I liked having a unique name.  Although whenever I call someone and I say “It’s Erin” it always seems to take the person a minute to remember who I am, even if it’s a relative.  I think it’s because it starts with a soft sound…or I’m just forgettable. 

Eclectic, emotional, exuberant – all good E words


  • Eggnog


  • The Electric Company – the original with Morgan Freeman, of course.  Although it is kind of cool that they brought it back for a younger generation.
  • Eighties movies – I don’t even know if I can pick a favorite.  Seriously, we have John Hughes, John Cusack, Footloose, The Brat Pack, so much cheesy goodness


  • Ha, almost thought I didn’t have a listing for this topic, until I remembered the most awesome Encyclopedia Brown!  Yes, I read it when I was a child, but I loved that series!
  • The Eyre Affair – such a funny book, and a great alternative world where literature is more than just something for enjoyment, it’s a job.



  • eShakti – I have not purchased from here, but they have some cute stuff. I’ll do it eventually



  • Elephants – one of the most beautiful animals ever created

Poor E, didn’t get many listings.  Although it got some big genres, such as the 80’s themselves!!  Oh E, you are a delight!


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  1. Fun post! I’ve been doing a self imposed photography project this year, going through the alphabet. I am now on ‘g’ and about to move onto ‘h’.
    I think that ‘e’ was one of the more challenging letters.
    I managed: earring, esplanade, Eastbourne pier, entrance, empty (as in soup bowl), eggs and earthworm.
    Sorry about the earthworm, you’re probably thinking ewk! but I’m a gardener and actually value them.

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