Gifted hippie


I don’t know if this shirt is actually at all hippie-ish, but maybe sort of?

but it’s okay if it’s not, because I don’t like patchouli or tofu.  Yes, that’s what I associate with hippies, and all that I associate with them.

And when I say gifted in the title, I don’t actually mean that I’m gifted, I meant that the shirt was a gift from my friend Deb.

HA – fooled you all with WORDS!!!

I love this shirt, it’s so spring like!!!

Shirt – Eci (gift from Deb)

Jeans – Torrid

Boots – Lane Bryant

I even wore different earrings today, but you can’t really see because my hair is down.  Foiled!

I don’t usually wear my hair down, it’s a pain to dry it and then straighten it.  And my hair is damaged from coloring it, so I try not to use heat on it too often.

Boy, do I have a big post for you tomorrow!  It’s all about getting dozens of pictures taken of me, and not liking most of them, but I think I figured out how to fix that in the future.  Stay tuned!

Again with the stupid work badge!!!


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  1. I love this shirt on you…when I got it (at Macy’s) I was so happy because I love the style but then I got home and tried it on and I hate it ON me…can’t tell you why. It was totally ME and not the shirt. I wanted to like it on so badly because I still think it is such a cute top. Oh well I am happy to see you look amazing in it.

    Love the pics and your hair down.

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