Love in F Sharp (Letter F)


Oh F, you fooler!


  • Nothing comes to mind…french fries?  Occasionally, but not all the time.


  • Flight of the Conchords – watch it, that’s all I have to say
  • Henry Fonda
  • Family Guy Stewie can make me laugh just by his expressions.  Yes, I know he’s animated.  I love him anyway
  • The Facts of Life – seriously, one of my favorite shows of the 80’s, it never got old.  Jo was my favorite, who was yours?  Although Natalie could make me laugh.  My mom and I still have a running joke today because of one of Natalie’s lines.
  • Fame – the original only!!!!
  • Footloose – ugh, I can’t even believe they are filming a remake.



  • Flower of Carnage by Meiko Kaji -first heard it in Kill Bill, didn’t I tell you Tarantino has great soundtracks?
  • Fly Me to Moon – I like this version by Frank Sinatra and this one by Astrud Gilberto too


  • Feathers!


  • Failbook
  • Faces of Beauty – just found this one today from reading about it in one of the blogs I follow.  But I think it will become a fav quickly.  I’m even considering submitting something.  I love the idea of taking responsibility for claiming something beautiful about ourselves
  • Face Hunter
  • FatshionableI want to raid her closet.  I think I could even fit most of it
  • Frocks & Frou Frouanother cutie fashion blog, I think I need to raid her closet too
  • Fatshion Chic – she has a great blog about being plus-size, is beautiful, and has great fashion sense.  She also promotes loving yourself at all sizes
  • Future Lint – yes, another cutie pie fashion blog (not plus sized, but not all the blogs I read need to be plus size)
  • Fashion for the Economically Challenged – I love looking at clothing and outfits, but a lot of the blogs I read seem to be written by people with a disposable income.  This blog has cute clothes, great combinations, and prices that I can actually afford.
  • Fab Finds Under $50 – another great resource for us working girls


  • My friends!!!


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