Button Bright


Hey there….this is what I wore yesterday.

I’m usually always a day behind posting outfits, so if you see me during the day and read my blog later that night, no need to be confused….I think once or twice I posted that days outfit on the proper day.  But most of the time, I’m late.  I’m a rebel like that.

I look like Im peeking around a corner

I’m not happy with my hair here, my roots are too long, so are my bangs, and it’s a hot mess.  Yet probably to you, it’s fine?  Isn’t that how it always is?  We see all the little imperfections that others usually don’t ever see.  Or maybe you are looking at these pictures thinking “Yes, those roots are HIDEOUS.”

"How do you dare go out with hair like that? "

Well, no worries today, I got my hair fixed yesterday!!   Now you can’t judge!!  Well, technically you still can, but why would you?

Dress, shrug, tights – Lane Bryant / boots – Craigslist / necklace – gift from Deb / hairpin – Brenna

Isn’t the necklace cute?  It was a gift from my friend Deb.

It’s also worth mentioning (or not) that I’m currently reading the 5th book in the Wizard of Oz series.  I’ve never read them before and I decided to read them this year.  In “The Road to Oz,” there is a character named Button Bright.  He’s actually an annoying idiot.  He wears a sailor suit, which already makes him pretty annoying, but whenever anyone asks him anything, he always says “I don’t know.”  And Dorothy is kind of a bitch….she’s a smart-ass and rude to people.  But I’m liking the series so far, it’s kind of dark and creepy, in a good way.

And I read more than just children’s books.  My goal is 100 books this year, I’ve already read 39.  And part of that goal includes reading books on “The 1001 Books You Should Read Before You Die.”  I’ve only read 141 of those so far….I am also reading “The Wastelands” by Stephen King and “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White.


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