Your yawn for the day


I was so tired when I took these.  I’m still tired.  Looking at this picture makes me yawn again.

I love this shirt, shrug, and I love the pants too, but maybe not all together.  I’ll have to try them all with different pieces, so you’ll probably see them again.

This is me trying to be artistic. There wasn’t a bug on the wall.

In fact, you should see all my outfits again eventually.  As much as I’d love to have money to buy a new outfit a day, it ain’t happening.  I’m one of those crazy people who has to wear their clothes over and over again.

Shrug – Lane Bryant / shirt – possibly Lane Bryant? / pants – Torrid / necklace – Fashion Bug / shoes – Payless

I got the pants in my great pants trip to Torrid last month.  When I was younger, I had no jeans at all.  It was pretty much all skirts and pants.  Then, as I got older and bigger, I had no actual pants, and just jeans.  Very weird.  I decided I needed to insert some pants/trousers/slacks into my wardrobe.  It was hard though, I am so comfortable and familiar with jeans.  I really like these ones, they are super comfy, just a bit long (because I’m short!!)  I need to get them hemmed.

I tried something new with my hair.  It’s supposed to be a crown braid, but I would say I only achieved 50% satisfactory effect.  Oh well, I just need to keep trying. I have a weird comb-over in that first pic.  I’m not going bald, really.  Just bad brushing.

(Can you tell I got my hair colored?  No more roots!)


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