Fits like a G Love (Letter G)


Were you worried I would forget this week’s list?  Of course I wouldn’t forget to entertain you all!!  Silly!


  • Ginger ale
  • Goat cheese and Gouda
  • Grapefruit
  • Ginger – makes sushi even better


  • Cary Grant
  • Stewie Griffin – I know I mentioned him already, but seriously, he cracks me up.  I know he’s a cartoon character, I don’t care.
  • Grease – how many times have I seen this movie?  I loved it even when I didn’t understand any of the sexual references.  And the soundtrack!  I would play that on my record player over and over again.  Yes, a record player.  Shut it.
  • The Goonies – I will never get tired of this movie. 


  • Neil Gaiman – pure genius
  • Goodreads – one of my favorites sites of all time.  I get to keep lists AND browse books.  Heaven


  • The Go-Gos – I think they are coming to the Woodland Park Zoo this summer for Zoo Tunes!
  • Got to Give it Up by Marvin Gaye – seriously love this song.  Always makes me dance.  Seriously, listen to it.  Although I always crack up at the beginning because there is one person yelling that Maryam once said sounded like Nipsy Russell, so I think of that every time I hear it. 
  • Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon by Neil Diamond – one of my favorites by him. I know there is that other version by Urge Overkill, which isn’t bad, but the original is best
  • Good Morning Heartache by Billy Holiday, Diana Ross or Jill Scott – pretty and spot-on lyrics


Gloves?  Gowns?  Seriously, there aren’t many articles of clothing that start with G, and not many places I shop at that start with G either.  Get over it.


  • Gatsby and Me – ugh, she is disgustinly cute with the cutest vintage clothes….too cute I tell you!
  • Go Fug Yourself – she is snarky but funny.  If people are going to wear ugly outfits, then they should be ready for the heat
  • God’s Favorite Shoes – another fashion blog, and she does it well
  • Good Stuff Only – she is so hot and cute and post the stuff I WANT.  And she promotes plus size in such a hot way
  • Glitternglued – she finds stuff she likes and finds ways to make it herself


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