Just call me Wilma


This is what I wore yesterday.  I threw on the necklace at the last minute, but I like the contrast.  Although I’m not sure if it actually works with the outfit itself.

The necklace is very “Wilma Flintstone” to me….and then I realized I was wearing an animal print.  Happy accident?  I say YES.   The only thing that would have made it better is if I had a giant dinosaur egg with me to make into an omelette.  Shut up, I’m tired, and I haven’t finished my coffee yet.

So…today is Administrative day or whatever the official title is.  Although it’s nice to be appreciated, I hate this day.  And I’m stuck going to a lunch with the directors and some other admins.  They are all very nice and it’s very sweet of them to take the time, but can I just have a Starbuck’s card instead?  I’m horrible.

So, knowing we are going to lunch, I had to dress appropriately….are we walking far?  is there a chance I’ll spill? (always.) Seriously, I spend too much time worrying about this stuff.  But you’ll see this outfit tomorrow…oooh, the suspense!!! 

 Jeans, cami, boots, necklace – Lane Bryant / Cardigan – Torrid

I also was thinking about this blog, and I know I need to write some more about my body issues and self-esteem and all that good stuff.  I always have great thoughts in my head, but then forget them by the time I’m around the computer.  Would I look totally dorky carrying around a microphone and tape recorder all the time?  Don’t answer that.

Oh, here’s one more picture, I’m throwing this in to show how truly “curvy” I am.  As I work on body acceptance, I need to show different shots of my body.  Sometimes I think I’m truly crazy for doing this blog, and other times I think it’s an amazing self-esteem aide. 



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