How many famous Glorias do you know?

Standard your twin

the 2nd famous Gloria!

Apparently I am a liar.  Not purposely, but quite by accident.  I promised you cute outfit photos yesterday, but did not deliver!  I went to take pictures of said cute outfit, only to find my camera battery was dead.  I then proceeded to look for my battery charger, and no luck!  I have misplaced that sucker somewhere, and can’t find it.  How many places could it go???  Maybe the dogs ate it.  Anyway, until I find it, I will do what I can to entertain you.

Here’s a story for you:

Years ago, when I was about 14 or so, I got to meet Gloria Steinem.  You should know who she is, and if you don’t, Google is your friend.  Anyway, it was pretty cool and then life continued on for years and years.  About a year ago (or a little earlier, the exact timeline is not important!) I was talking to my brother Shannon, and somehow it comes up that I told him I had met Gloria Estefan when I was younger.  While that would have been pretty cool, it wasn’t true, and I certainly wouldn’t make it up.  He’s delusional.

Side note – if you ARE going to lie and say you met someone famous, don’t make it someone really famous, just do less famous.  For instance, don’t say you met Brad Pitt, but try someone like Edward James Olmos.  Who would make up a story about meeting Mr. Olmos?  It sounds believable, way more believable than Brad Pitt. 

But, I didn’t meet Gloria Estefan, and I certainly never told Shannon that I met her, or any member of the Miami Sound Machine. 

When Shannon discovered he had been living a lie for so long, he posted it on facebook.  “20 years ago, my sister told me she met Gloria Estefan.  Today she told me that wasn’t true.  I feel betrayed.”   And humorous comments ensued:

“One time I met Janet Jackson.  She used the bathroom at my house…oh wait, that might have been Chunk from the Goonies.”

“How are people liking this status?”


“”It’s just funny after 20 years you realize ‘Damn, Erin didn’t meet Gloria Estefan’ and it changes everything.”

“It does change everything, don’t you see?? And maybe Erin is the delusional one-she might have met Estefan and confused her with Steinem, have you considered that?” (Shannon)

“She told me she was Gloria Estefan.  Now what am I going to do? I changed my name to Seattle Sound Machine.  Crap!”  (boyfriend)

So this whole conversation happened over a year ago, but I’ve gotten 3 reminders about it in the past week.  Last week Facebook decided to remind me of this post.  There was a little blurb on the side about past conversations we had shared, and it listed this one.  I saw it and laughed “Oh yeah, that was pretty funny.  Shannon’s so goofy!”  Then he texts me a day later saying “Remember when you told me you met Gloria Estefan” to which I had to reply “I never did that!” 

And then….for my daily blog inspiration, the topic was “Describe your first encounter with a celebrity.”  And that made me laugh all over again, and I decided this story needed to be told.

Funny? Absolutely.  Funny to everyone besides me?  Perhaps not.


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