Show a little leg…or a big one


You’ve already seen most of this outfit, except I did something different here…I didn’t wear my boots!

No big deal, you might say, that I’m wearing regular shoes and not boots with my skirt.  But if you’ve read any of my previous posts, or if you know me, you know I really hate the way my calves look, and it has caused me a lot of grief.  I won’t go into the details, but I’m not comfortable showing my legs usually.  And I am not looking forward to cute summer clothes!

But, I decided I needed to be more happy about my body, and do things that make me uncomfortable.  So I wore my cute little Dansko Mary Janes, which actually have a story attached!  Oh, story time!!!  I was looking for a pair of Dankskos for a while, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  I checked out Craigslist, found a pair in my size AND in my neighborhood!  I tend to not want to drive more than 10 miles for anything, I’m lazy like that.

Anyway, as we emailed back and forth to set up a time, the girl selling the shoes asked me if I had a brother named Shannon….yes I do, in fact.  Turns out this girl lived on our block for about 5 years while we were all kids, and I hung out with her sister!  Long lost childhood friends!  Although this is the 2nd person that asked about my brother and didn’t really remember ME!  He’s memorable, I guess….but what about ME???

Sorry the pictures are still blurry…I’m learning!  This is my awesome deal coat from Torrid.

I got it for $15!  Marked down from $70, clearance is awesome.  Even better?  Steve calls it my Pet Shop Boys jacket, I love it.

Dress – Target / Tights – Lane Bryant / Coat, sunglasses, belt – Torrid / Necklace – Fashion bug /Hair flower – SammieGirl

So…the dress without boots…I was really uncomfortable for most of the day, and almost didn’t post the pictures.  I just see so many plus-size gals with awesome legs and ankles, and I get jealous, and insecure….and sad.  I’m working on it, I don’t want to feel that way.  And everyone says that I notice it more than anyone else…which is probably true, yet I still don’t believe it.

Trust me, I don’t like feeling ugly, I hate that I feel that way.  It’s hard to get over sometimes though.  But I will keep showing off the legs, and eventually I’ll feel more at ease.  I’ll fake it and make it true!

Don’t you just love my awesome 80’s style sunglasses?  I do!

How many times did I say awesome in this post?

Here is your pic of the dogs too..I told you they love it when I’m outside.

See Ella in her pointer stance?  She always does that, and sometimes Charles will imitate her.  It cracks me up.


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