Blue Magic


I felt like a magician in this outfit, no idea why.

Although I feel the exact opposite of magical….which would be normal?

That’s not so different.  My lovely coworker said she thinks I have lost weight, when in fact I’ve gained.  Is it my attitude?  Well perhaps…except that I’ve been in a funk for a while.  Could I be gaining muscle?  No, not really since I’ve been a slug lately.  Am I dressing differently?  Perhaps…except it’s mostly all the same clothes.  But, I won’t complain!

Required photo of the dogs

I am trying to be more active, or at least I’m thinking about it.  My body responds to activity and so does my mood.  I’ve dragged out the Wii and dusted off the dog hair, and even used it a few times last week.  I need to do it every day.  I need to walk at lunch time.  I need to go on hikes with my brother.  I need I need I need…..

Required goofy pose picture

Have you used the Wii fit?  I love it but it wears me out!  I hate that stupid Segway one where I have to chase the hedgehogs or whatever they are on the beach.  That one KILLS my legs.  Which must mean it’s good for me.  And then the yoga instructor, he’s such a goody goody.  I’ve named him Troy.  Truly, I love the Wii, even if it makes me mad every time I step on the board and the voice goes “Oh…..”  as if I’m breaking her back.

Shirt, necklace, jeggings, sunglasses  – Lane Bryant / Boots – Craigslist

I actually guessed where I got everything, I can’t seem to remember at this time.  I’m apparently having a moment.

I might always be fat, and I’ve accepted that.  But I can still be a healthy fat, and that includes movement.  I’m currently reading “A Fat Girl’s Guide to Life” by Wendy Shankar.  It’s pretty good, and I like how she decides to take back the word “Fat.”  I’ll do a review for y’all once I finish it.  Which I need to hurry up and do, since I’m only at 44 books so far this year, and my goal is 100!


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