Tired eyes


I must apologize for the quality of the pictures, again.  These were taken after work, in the rain, I was exhausted after 3 busy days at work, and I just couldn’t make more an effort.  I wanted to make some sort of an effort for you all though!!  And did you see my cute hair?

Oy, I was tired here!  Oh well, sometimes this is really what I look like, so there you go.

And I love this dress, I got it on clearance for $15, marked down from $70.  But I think I might need to wear it with jeggings next time, it’s a little shorter than I am used to, or comfortable with.

Full on tired.  Ignore the eyes, just concentrate on the cute German hairstyle.

This is a picture of me not moving fast enough or hitting the wrong button on the camera or….something.

Eh, who knows.

Truly, I’m out of it this week.  I was pouring some water from my pitcher into my water bottle at work and as I heard the bottle filling up, I thought “I need to stop pouring” and yet my hand didn’t get the memo from my brain (thanks Sloane,) and I kept pouring even after the bottle was full.  Only when the water spilled onto my lap did I finally get jolted out of my fugue.  Then I got to clean up a bunch of water from my desk and lap.

Dress – Torrid / Shrug – Lane Bryant / Flower pin – SammieGirl / Necklace – clothes swap! / Boots – Craigslist /Belt – Target


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  1. That shade of blue looks great on you, and the flower is a distraction from your tired-looking eyes.
    This week has been something else – I walked into town late Friday afternoon to pick up a few fresh vegetable. The guy in the green grocers’ said to me “you look knackered”. That really set me up!

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