Is that an insult….or a compliment?


I like to review the site stats for my blog every day.  It shows me how many people have looked at it, if they were directed from another site, and it also shows me searches that people did that brought up my blog.  Some are pretty normal, like plus-size, Lane Bryant, self-esteem.  But then there are some that are just too crazy and awesome to even believe.  Here are some of my favorites, in order from least to most favorite:

  1. Big calves women
  2. Braid my hair
  3. Roller skating tights
  4. Overweight zumba
  5. Girls who shouldn’t wear leggings
  6. Deisis triptych – what does this even mean?
  7. Мемлинг – it’s pretty, that’s all I know
  8. Crafts Beverly cleary
  9. I don’t like to get myself into some fashionable stuffs         
  10. I am asian so I must like math (Why did this lead to MY blog? I don’t care, all I know is I love it)
  11. Up nose – ha ha

And my very favorite one….

  1. Curvy butt koi


2 responses »

  1. Great list – and photos are good too!

    Sometimes I will write a post that gets a high number of views through searches that seem completely irrelevant. I just love the sometimes apparent random nature of the Internet.

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