It’s the wrapture


I took a bracelet wrapping class the other day.  My friend Sloane signed me up for it, otherwise I probably never would have done it.  She signs me up for lots of cool stuff.  Funny thing, we made them on the day of the supposed rapture…we made our “wrap” bracelets on rapture…get it?  It’ s my wrapture bracelet.  Whatever, it made me laugh all day.

I showed the bracelet to my sister-in-law, and she said “You are always out doing things.”  And I was surprised by this comment and denied it.  Really, I feel like I am never doing anything at all and that I should be more spontaneous and active and creative and just…out.  But I’ve had a few people who say things like my sister-in-law, that I’m trying new things and posting about cool things I do…..It’s so strange how my reality is so different from other people’s reality.  I wonder how life would be if I did half the things that I think about doing but don’t actually do, and what people would say then?  It’s nice to know that it seems like I’m being active, it makes me think that I give off a good impression, and that maybe I’m not such a sad sack.  And it makes me want to do even more!

Here’s what I be wearing today:

Dress – Target / Boots – Craigslist / Tights – ? / Necklace – I made it / Ring – ?

This wasn’t what I planned on wearing today, the other outfit didn’t quite work out.  But I already had the tights on, and I couldn’t waste the effort of tights donning.  I should actually wear this dress more often.  I’ve had it about 5 years and it makes me so happy.  It also reminds me of lots of different experiences when I first got it, so it’s also a bit of an emotional day when I wear it, but in a good way.  It also makes me feel sexy and cute, so it definitely needs to be shown more often!

Here, I’ll even give you a whole new pose, one of me sitting.  Oh, exciting day!


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