Love N Other Stuff (Letter N)


Love of all things N


  • Nectarines – my most favorite fruit
  • Noodles – I am a freak for noodles


  • Napoleon Dynamite – I think I could quote this entire movie.  It never fails to make me laugh, hard.  “Your mother goes to college.”



I am sure there are N related songs and artists, yet I can’t think of any at the moment….


Nada – ha ha…that starts with N



  • My nook – I love this, I get to carry hundreds of books with me and always have something to read
  • Nerds – really, who doesn’t love a good nerd?  Nerdy boys are too cute
  • Notebooks – I love notebooks.  I have more notebooks than things to write in them, I collect them.  I need to actually start using them.
  • Netflix
  • Victor Ngaihe has some of the coolest art work

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