Poster Child


Sorry, I’ve been quite lame lately.  I’ve been taking pictures, but not posting anything.  And I’m feeling anything but creative at the moment.  I’m hoping to make that change.  I know I have to make it change, it won’t happen on its own.  I’m in a slump/funk/fog…whatever you want to call it.  But I can’t wait to start feeling energetic and creative and awesome, I need to make it happen.   Pretending just isn’t working anymore.  And no worries, I’m not being melancholy or feeling sorry for myself.  But I realize I need to do….something.  And soon.

On to the clothes!!

I love this dress.  It makes me happy when I wear it.  I should wear it more often, I got it years ago and yet I only wear it once a year.  No more!!

Dress – Fashion Bug / Cardigan – Old Navy via Goodwill / Necklace – ? / Hair Flower – SammieGirl Products

Apparently the dogs love it also.  Or they just love being in all the pictures.

I wore this to go to dinner and a comedy show with the boyfriend, 2 of my 3 brothers, and one of their wives and one of their girlfriends.  It was fun, I have fun with my brothers.  The theater was kind of too small, and they sold too many tickets, so Steve and the brothers had to sit on stools from the bar, which was lame.  And we were by some total a-holes who seemed to think we paid to hear them talk.  But the main comedian was funny and totally had me laughing.  For someone who loves to laugh, it’s weird that I’ve never been to a comedy show until this year.  This was my third one, I need to go all the time.

While at dinner, my brother Shannon noticed something about this Zoo Tune poster (sorry for the blurriness, I was laughing while I took the pics.)

It looks normal in this one, yes?  Shannon couldn’t see the whole picture, he could only see the top part….

It’s childish and disgusting, I know.  But we laughed about it all night.  Never will any of us think of Komodo dragons in the same way….

I think part of my funk is that a coworker of mine is getting ready to go on a sabbatical.  One of the awesome perks of working for the city is after working here a certain amount of years you can take a year off and come back to your same job.  No pay, but still a good deal.  So his trip made me start thinking that I could be doing so much more.  I can’t afford to not work, but that doesn’t mean that’s all I have to do.

I’m at a loss at what to do though…but the mind is churning something up.




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