Skulls and shadows, in a cute sort of way


I actually don’t like the first picture so much, but it shows how cute the skirt is on this dress.  Are you seeing how cute it is?  And it’s actually just a bunch of cutie pie skulls.  Sorry for the shadows, but shadows happen in life, yes?

I did something very new last night, and I wasn’t even going to write about it, but I feel like I should.  I went to my very first Overeaters Anonymous meeting.  I really didn’t know what to expect and had put off doing it for at least a year.  I don’t know what finally pushed me to check it out, but I went.

I realized I write a about my body and exercising, but not so much about my eating.  It’s very private to me actually, and I have a lot of issues with it.  I also think other people judge me a lot based on my eating.  True or not, that’s how I feel , and it can be unfair to others, but it also affects how I eat, and my thoughts about eating.

I have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I’ve known it for a while, but haven’t addressed it.  I am hoping that OA will help me with that.  I think I am going to keep going to the meetings and will get a sponsor also.  It’s hard to admit that I need it and that I’m going to these meetings, but I need to be honest on my blog.  I write it for myself, but there’s a possibility that it might help someone else, so honesty is a necessity.  Besides, it’s not called My Big Fat Lying Blog.

It was a small group, only 7 people.  Men and women, various ages and sexual orientation.  They were all so welcoming and supportive.  I didn’t feel any pressure at all.  And it wasn’t all depressing and morose either.  They were very positive and honest.

Dress – Torrid / Boots – Craigslist / Necklace – SLOANE99 on Etsy

It’s all very new to me, I’ve only been to one meeting, but I’m hoping it will have a positive influence on me and my eating.  And you will get to read all about the exciting adventures as I go from meeting to meeting!  I know, you can hardly stand it right?  Patience is a virtue my friends.


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  1. You are so brave and honest Erin. Good luck to you in OA, I have a friend who has found great support there:)

  2. Hi, Danielle! I just found your post — I’m someone who has found a new life in OA and I hope you find what you need, there, too. It’s a weird, non-intuitive thing at the beginning. We’ve spent some number of years (meaning in my case about 34) trying to make life work for us in one way, and OA turns that around. Making the mental shift often takes a while, but it does happen, if you hang in there. And as you noted, the people you meet in OA are nothing short of incredible.

    I love your blog, especially your clothes and your loves by the letter. I will keep checking back and enjoying your perspective on the world. Be well!

    Emily in P-town

    • Hi Emily! Thanks so much for your comment! OA is totally new to me, so I welcome any information and comments! I am actually looking forward to getting more involved with it, and will definitely update the blog with my experience.

      Thanks for reading the blog! I am glad you like it, it’s become quite enjoyable to me, so I am glad other people enjoy it!

      (BTW – my name is Erin, Danielle was someone I was responding to)

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