Peevish Part 2 – Interrupting my song


Presenting Pet Peeve #2 – Songs that contain ringing phones or sirens, or anything similar.

Really, does adding the sound of a siren or a phone ringing actually make a song better?  Do we love these sounds so much in real life that we need them in our music also?  They are some of the most obnoxious sounds out there, so why do musicians think it will make the song better?  If I hear a song with an alarm clock in it, then I’m going to kick someone.

And the time when it annoys me the most?  When I’m driving.  Really, I’m trying to drive to my destination, listening to some tunes, then all of  a sudden I hear a siren.  “Oh shellac, where is it?  Can I pull over here?  Wait…what?  It’s part of the song???  WHO DOES THAT????”


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