Queen Latifah clothing line at HSN – me no likey


As a plus size gal, I should write more about plus size issues.  Oops.

I do have something to write about though!  HSN, the Home Shopping Network, has a new line of clothing designed by Queen Latifah.  I was kind of looking forward to this, figuring it would be very cute, very flattering for a ps woman, and also reasonably priced.   I was wrong on all accounts.

First, it’s very very boring.  These are plain items that can be bought anywhere, nothing inspiring or very cute even, except maybe one or two pieces.

Second, it’s so expensive!  A tank for $50?  Nutty.

Third, and this is my biggest issue with the clothing line, why is a very skinny model showing the clothes?  I realize the sizes range from XS to 3X, but I would expect this line to be modeled by someone at least bigger than the size small.  Am I wrong in thinking this?  I suppose Queen has every right to decide who can model the clothes, but it’s so disappointing.

Even the handbags are boring.

So, I won’t be ordering from this line.  I doubt I’ll even bother checking it out again.  Boring, ugly, expensive, and not flattering to PS women at all.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have had higher expectations of a line created by a plus size woman, but I did.  And I realize this is no big deal, there are bigger things going on in the world, but this is what I choose to write about.

Anyway, check it out if you want to, I’m sure the items will sell and it will be a big hit, just not with this plus size gal.



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  1. Hey, thanks for adding the link to her clothing line. I really did not get the sense it was designed for plus size women at all, besides I am with you, not impressed at all by the clothes and accessories. I will say pass as well. But looking for some clothes that will work with my post pregnancy body especially once I go back to work.

    I finally watched an episode of what not to wear with a true plus size girl. Gave me some ideas but most of the items need to be tailored, which I understand is the ideal but it adds to the cost of already expensive outfits 😦

    I am glad you have this blog


    • I am glad I have this blog too, although I’ve been way too quiet lately!

      You and I need to go shopping together now that you can shop for non-pregnancy clothes!!

      Thank you for reading, I love getting comments!

  2. I saw some of that HSN Queen Latifah segment last night. I agree, some of the designs were kind of boring. She looked nice in her outfit, at least.

    It’s funny, I spent more time looking at the stilletto ankle boots she was rocking. Hey, I switched channels halfway through it did she have a shoe line as well?

    Anyway, I found your blog while looking for her clothing line. Ha… good came from boring!

    • Ha, I’m glad you found my blog!
      I actually just looked at her line on the QVC website, I didn’t watch the special with her, so I’m not sure if she has shoes or not.
      I still can’t believe how disappointing those clothes are!

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