I got skulls


Well, here I was all set to write a slightly upbeat post…but just got some crappy news at work.

Seriously, this year has been hell, and it’s not even over yet.  Every time I think I’ve had all I can handle, something new happens.  Poop.  I’m cursing a bit hardier in real life, but no reason to pollute my blog with it.  I suppose I should just list all the crap wrong with this year, but I’ll save it for another posting, with lots of pretty pictures to offset the negative.

Oh well…life is what it is.

Shirt/sweater vest – Torrid / Jeans – Lane Bryant / Shoes – Payless / Glasses – Columbia Vision

At least I look cute today, yes?  I actually saw these shoes on another blog that I read and went right to Payless, hoping they had them in stock.  Yay for me!  Sorry for the crappy cropping, but there is no reason to include parts of my messy house.  You are here to see me anyway, not my piles of junk.

I have new glasses too! I wear contacts just about every day, but I need glasses too.  Now, I very rarely wear glasses to work or even when I go out.  I started wearing glasses when I was about 10, and back when I was little (way back in the 80’s,) there was none of that “girls in glasses are hot” going around like there is now.  Back then, it was still that mindset that the nerdy girl with glasses was hot AFTER she let her hair down and took off the glasses.  So I’ve always had the mentality that my glasses were not cute or attractive.  Add that to my horrible self-esteem when I was younger, and you can see why I usually don’t wear my glasses outside of the house unless I have to.  Probably didn’t help that the lenses are usually super thick, since I’m blind as a bat.  I believe that I also would look for ways to put myself down, to insult myself, to find fault with myself.  I guess if I did it first, then it would hurt less if someone else did it later?  I find I still do this sometimes, but I’m slowly breaking this horrible habit.

Now, my boyfriend loves a girl in glasses.  He has a whole thing for librarians too.  And everywhere you look, girls in glasses are considered hot.  I still have a hard time believing it, but I’m slowly thinking that it’s ok to wear my glasses in public and still look cute.  And it’s definitely easier with THESE AWESOME NEW FRAMES!!!

And I will try to post more…I’ve just been super busy and haven’t had time for pictures!  And while my writing is a joy to read, I like to throw in pictures for you to enjoy also. 

Better details on the sweater

Yes, there are a few pictures taken in the bathroom at work again.  No, I’m not going to be taking all my pictures in here again.  I was just having a tough time finding any I liked and these ones turned out ok.  It’s a bitch when you are trying to write about self-esteem and you can’t find any pictures you like.  Sigh.

Did anyone get the play on words with that blog title?



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