Rollin in the Love (Letter R)


Yes, I’m back to my love by the alphabet.

R is this week’s letter.  Apparently, there aren’t that many things I love that begin with R, even though I do like the letter R itself.  I’m sure I”m just drawing a blank, but I can’t really think of much.


  • Rhubarb – especially rhubarb strawberry pie.  Oh my, so yummy
  • Ravioli


  • Sam Rockwell – who the heck does not love him?  Seriously, I will watch anything this man acts in
  • Reading Rainbow – love love love!!  I always remember the Renaissance Fair episode the most clearly.  And of course Geordi LeVar Burton was awesome as the host.


  • Strangely enough, I don’t have any favorite books or authors that being with “R”



  • Regretsy – this site is too damn funny.
  • The Rotund – Wonderful writers, wonderful posts. “I’m on a mission here to let you know that fat people are not your enemy. And skinny people aren’t your enemy either.”
  • Return to Sender – “A writer and a fa(t)shionista, this blog covers everything from fat hipster garb to zombies.”
  • Ruby Nite – Girl wears the cutest dang outfits, and she’s fun.


  • Reading.  Seriously, this is probably the most well-known fact about me.
  • Red hair – Keep trying to get it, I just hate how it fades so quickly.  Someday I’ll do it again.
  • Roller Skating – even though I almost died the last time I attempted it, it always has a special place in my heart.



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