Why I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, as you probably knew from the title of this post.  The main reason?  My self-improvement doesn’t just happen at the beginning of the year.  That’s the main reason.  Seriously, I need to improve year round, not just in January.  So I actually try to make resolutions throughout the year, as needed.  Do I stick to them?  Rarely.  But at least I don’t have that feeling of failure in March.

Now that being said, I do like a fresh start, and I can understand the appeal of beginning something in January.  My reading list is a good example of that.  I like to set a goal of reading a certain amount of books in the calendar year.  (In 2011 I wanted to read at least 100, I read 113 books.)  I also love a good list and being able to cross off items, so an achievable goal list is like candy to me.

Trying to lose weight?  January is a great time to start logging and calculating, and it’s nice to go back in a few months to see what changes you might have made.

I guess my point is that there is a difference, at least to me, between resolutions and goals.  Goals can encompass all sorts of things I want to accomplish.  Resolutions are traits and aspects of my self, my living, and my world that I feel I need to change or work on.  That’s why I don’t like doing them in January.  Sometimes I do need a change in January, but I might also need to do something in June and July.

I have a goal to blog more, now that crappy 2011 is over with.  I have a resolution of trying to be more vocal in my thoughts and feelings and to write about them on here, and to remember the joy I get from posting.  I’m a sporadic blogger, and I’m ok with that.


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It's a mess of a blog about being plus-size, loving clothes, having self-esteem issues, laughing way too much, and my daily interactions with the world around me. Stats - 37, live in Seattle with my boyfriend and 2 dogs.....and I'm funny sometimes

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