No I’m not, but thanks for asking



1.  For not posting for the longest time

2. For the crappy pics, I’ve forgotten how to take pictures, or so it seems

3. For the stupid look on my face.  Steve was sitting there and it made me self-conscious.  How having someone watch me take pictures makes me more self-conscious than posting them on the internet for anyone to see, I do not know.

Jeans/shirt/boots – Torrid.  Cami  – Target.  Hat – uh….somewhere in the West Seattle Junction.


I have been looking for a hat like this forever, and in this case forever means about 2 years.

Seriously, all I could find were the stupid floppy hats, which I hate.  I’m pretty happy with this one, and it was cheap too!

Also, I have had these boots for about 6 months and this is the first time I wore them.  Half way through today my legs really hurt, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear them again.  Then I had a “brilliant” idea to loosen the laces.  Yeah, that helped.

I took some close up pics of the hat, but the pics were not so flattering.

I’m having a hard time with….everything lately.  Trying to get back to normal life, but it ain’t so easy.

Hopefully, future pics will be better, and I’ll have a better commentary for y’all.  In the meantime, enjoy some pics of my dogs and the snow


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It's a mess of a blog about being plus-size, loving clothes, having self-esteem issues, laughing way too much, and my daily interactions with the world around me. Stats - 37, live in Seattle with my boyfriend and 2 dogs.....and I'm funny sometimes

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