Red headed school marm


Hey, guess who’s a redhead again?  Well, yes…Lucille Ball…..yes, Christina Hendricks.  But….YES, Alyson Hannigan too!  and Annie!!  Sheesh!

I meant ME!!!  I’m red again!  I was red for about 15 years, then went blond about 7 years ago.  I’m so happy to be red.  I love this color!  I love the blond, but I really love this.

I was ready to do this a month ago, but had to wait because my hair wasn’t ready.  My stylist is the best!

It was also good to wait to make sure it was what I wanted.  When I mentioned it to Steve, he asked if I was doing it because I wanted it, or because I was depressed and needed some sort of change.  It was a good thing to think about.  I was extremely depressed then, and am only slightly less now.  And making big changes when I’m in the middle of a depression is not a good thing, but unfortunately is a habit.  But, I knew that I really wanted it, and I had been thinking about it for months.   It’s a good change, I feel refreshed, and happier.

I splurged a tiny bit with my tax refund, and bought a new dress!  At first it gave me a 70’s sort of vibe, but after wearing it all day I felt more like a grade school teacher in 1982 getting ready to let my class leave for Halloween festivities.  Don’t ask where that came from.  I don’t question my creativity or genius, I just accept it, and so should you.

Dress & tights – Torrid / Boots – thrifted / Necklace – Fuego (gifted)

Seeing the pattern like this reminds me of my grandma’s davenport.  It had a similar pattern and it was one of those sofas that has the velvety feel when you rub it one way and rough when you rub it in the other direction.  For years I thought any sofa made out of that material was called a davenport.

And now, for some pics that came out a bit goofy, but weren’t so horrible that I had to delete them:

I was hoping to be at a point where it doesn’t take me 20 bad pictures to get one halfway decent one, but apparently I’m not as photogenic as I like to think.

Or I just get stupid when there is a camera in my face.


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