Is it supposed to be uneven?


So, this is my 101st post.  Not too good, considering how long I’ve  actually had this blog.

I do have a lot to say, I’m just lazy…..

Anyway, on to the daily costume.

Dress & Necklaces – Fashion Bug / Boots – Torrid / Earrings – can’t remember, I know I left them in the car for a year.

I’m currently have major issues with figuring out who I am, what I want, and what I’m capable of.  I know there is so much I want to do, but I hold myself back.

I know that I also don’t push myself even nearly hard enough to accomplish anything, and that I tend to sabotage in many different ways.

My friend Deb wants me to do a half marathon with her in October.  I could start training now and most likely be ready for it.  But I keep telling myself how hard it would be, and that there is no way I could ever be in good enough shape to do it.  But….I want to do it.  So send motivational thoughts my way and I’ll keep you updated with my progress.  First step – find a training program to prepare, and one for beginners!  And if I do the marathon, I will be walking for sure, no running for me!

One good thing is that I’m loving the red hair, and I’m still happy every time I see it!

Here is my attempt to mesmerize you with my eyes…..or just have a weird and creepy picture.


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  1. YEAH I made the blog. Hey, we will be fine in October. We have each other and we will be pumped by the energy of the moment. It is also a run/walk for breast cancer so it’s for a good cause and will make the effort even more valuable.

    My friend Ana is going and guess what? She is in the same boat as us. Looking for a motivation to get back in shape. She is a plus sized girl too. So this is out time to defy our expectations and self imposed limitations. We can so do this and the best part in the end we will be so damn proud of ourselves. I am honored to walk with you.

    You know I love you but here it is in writing for the whole world to see.

    PS: I even bought new running/walking shoes online. It’s ON Baby!

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