Bring on the Dancing Horses


If you don’t get the title’s reference…..sigh.

Go listen to some 80’s music.

I really am not too pleased with the overall look of this outfit, but bits and pieces are cute, so I might as well post it.  Besides, it’s nice to know I don’t always look awesome, yes?

Shirt/jeans/shoes – Torrid / Cardigan – Goodwill / Necklace – Gift

Sorry about the lighting.  We got home a bit late and hurried to take some pictures before it got too dark.  We went to World Spice and got some tea and curry spices.

They ship all over, you should check them out.  I could spend hours in there, smelling everything and looking at the different spices.  Yes, easily amused.

I love the shoes, but I sometimes think they look like clown shoes.

and here’s an up close pic of the shirt, love the horses!!

Ever wonder what is in the window behind me?  Here’s a close up for y’all.

Steve is “brining” some limes and lemons.  Pretty aren’t they?

So…what else is going on?  I need to go buy some new walking shoes for the marathon in October.  I’m slowing working my way through Don Quixote…it’s so good, but it’s so crazy long!  Steve and I are watching The X Files.  For some reason I never watched it when it was new.  And I’m watching Twin Peaks on my own.  Always loved Michael Ontkean…..and of course who doesn’t love Kyle MacLachlan?  Here’s a random story for you – I went to an all girls high school, and in our Junior year we had a male chemistry teacher.  Not such a big deal, but we didn’t have any other male teachers at that time.  His name was Mr. Hitchcock…..and he was kind of nerdy and probably uncomfortable being a teacher in an all girls’ school.  Anyway, he dressed up as Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks, and actually looked so much like him that he managed to ensure a few more crushes that school year.

And one last picture for ya….please excuse my messy room!  I just like this picture.  Meant to clean this weekend, but I was much too sick.


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