Peevish Part 3 – You aren’t really LOL’ing


I haven’t posted any pet peeves for a while.  What’s that about?  I know I have a plethora of them.

I realize that this particular pet peeve might annoy many a person, since so many people still tend to do this…

but can we please stop using “LOL” and “ROFLMAO” and similar expressions?  Seriously folks, people only type LOL when they have nothing else to say.

If it’s funny, say it’s funny.  If it made you laugh out loud, say that it MADE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD.  I once read a facebook discussion, and every single one of the comments (all 27  of them) ended with LOL.  Come on now!  That’s just ridiculous.  And it wasn’t done as a joke…each person seriously typed LOL as part of their response.  I guess a lot of people were laughing out loud?

and ROFLMAO is equally as annoying.  No one has every physically done this, so don’t refer to an action that you aren’t doing!  Come on, let’s go back to using our words!  Isn’t that we were taught in preschool?

So just stop, and stop now.

I will give an exception for WTF…since some of us email from our work email and can’t really swear.  But that’s the only one!!


About erin711

It's a mess of a blog about being plus-size, loving clothes, having self-esteem issues, laughing way too much, and my daily interactions with the world around me. Stats - 37, live in Seattle with my boyfriend and 2 dogs.....and I'm funny sometimes

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