Static poses


My dress was staticky all day.  You can see it in the picture below.

Dress/boots – Torrid / Belt – Target / Necklace – Sloane99

I really don’t have much to say, so I will instead amuse with thoughts about my poses.

“Wow, I should call this my bootie dress!”

“Look, I changed places again.  No,that’s not interesting enough.  Look, there are WINDOWS behind me!”

“Try to look pensive…, not like there is an earthquake.”

“I will surprise and confound my readers by going BEHIND the windows.  I am so genius.”

Just a closeup of my pretty necklace.


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    • Thank you! It’s really a pretty pattern up close. And I usually wear boots, I tend to have issues with my legs….
      I heard that rubbing some lotion on your hands then running them over the clothes can help with static, but I always forget to try it.

  1. LOVE your boots. My best suggestion with static – dryer sheets. They work wonders. Just run it over your tights/under your dress/even through hair! and it steals the static up.

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