Shiny and spotted


Yes, that title could be in reference to my face, but no, it is actually a reference to my outfit.

Sorry no posts last week, I was sick.  Still sick but getting healthy….slowly.

And while I was sick, I got a bit depressed.  And it had nothing to do with my weight or size.  Yes, sometimes plus size people can be sad about other stuff.

Jeans – Torrid / Sweater, shoes – Goodwill / Belt- Target / Shirt – East 5th brand, gifted from Deb!!!

My awesome and beautiful friend Deb gave me some new clothes.  I had lent her a bunch of my stuff while she was pregnant, because I’m bigger than she is so it gave her some options without having to buy a bunch of maternity stuff.  When she returned it, she had put in some stuff she was getting rid of.  It was like shopping with no effort!  LOVE IT!!  Seriously, clothing swaps with friends truly rock.  Try it, you’ll like it.

I felt very cute and good in today’s outfit, so that was nice.  I’ve felt kind of dowdy lately, so it was nice to feel cute.

But, the rest of the day I was sad, I was really missing my dad today.  No particular reason why, just thinking about him a lot.

Sorry about the light in the pictures.  It was at the end of the day, and I was in a hurry to get to Target to get food for the DOGS and I haven’t messed around with the lighting with the camera and…..that’s enough, I think.

And it wouldn’t be a complete blog post unless I had at least one dorky picture of me.  Here you go, some weird leg pose to enjoy

Still working my way through Don Quixote, should finish in the next week or so.  Also reading The Likeness by Tana French.  Currently listening to Maktub and Cher.  Watching The X Files and the original Star Trek movies.


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  1. You look amazing. The shirt looks great and I love it with the belt. See I can’t bring myself to wear a belt but I love when you do. And just to clear things up: You are NOT bigger than me. We are about the same size you just happen to have cute dresses and pants from that stretchy material, silly girl.

    You look beautiful and as I told you I will probably have more stuff once I do a really spring cleaning.

    Love ya


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