My furry collar


I love this sweater.  I found myself having Gollum like moments throughout the day with it, like rubbing my cheek against it and making weird noises, or slowly petting it.  I hope no one at work saw me doing it.

Skirt, tights – Lane Bryant / T-shirt – Target / Sweater, belt – Torrid / Boots – thrifted

I also felt a bit like a retro bad girl, like the Pink Ladies!  Seriously, were they so bad?  Smoking, drinking, and sex….sounds like a Thursday night.

I am not sure if I imagined it, but I felt like people kept giving me strange looks all day.  And it wasn’t because I was petting myself.

Maybe they just aren’t used to seeing random fur collars out and about.

Or maybe they weren’t looks of “That girl is strange, she is wearing a fur collar,” but looks of “That girl is fabulous!”

If you don’t believe you are fabulous, fake it until you do.


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  1. You have such fab taste! I absolutely love it and admire your creativity. I must comment though, people stare only because they don’t have the courage to wear what trendy people will!!!!!

    Loving your style!

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