Peevish Part 4 – It’s the gym, not your home


So, since I’ve gone back to the gym recently, I’ve been reintroduced to all of my gym pet peeves!!!  Maybe it’s not surprising that so many things bother me there, since I’m usually not my chipper self after sweating and squatting all over the place.   So, here’s a list of multiple actions that bother me at the gym:

  • People dropping the weights on the floor, loudly.  If it’s too heavy for you to put down normally, lift something lighter.
  • People making a HUGE amount of noise while working out.  Yes, it’s hard, but not everyone is groaning as loudly as you, so shut it.
  • People who are really in shape.  Ha ha, not really….ok, yes, they bother me.
  • People who want to “help” and try to correct what you are doing.  More on this later.
  • Inappropriate attire.  Let’s just say you need to wear something underneath your loose gym shorts, mister!!!!
  • Too much perfume/cologne.  Good gosh, I’m already having trouble breathing, you are just adding to the problem.
  • People who won’t wipe off their sweaty machines.  You could at least pretend to swipe the towel over it.

Also, the locker room is a huge area for pet peeves also:

  • Women who take up entire counter space getting ready, or an entire bench, or have their stuff strewn all over the place.
  • women who walk around naked.  I realize you are getting dressed, but you don’t have to spend 20 minutes in the nude.  And please don’t carry on a full conversation with me while you are standing by me naked, while I’m sitting on the bench.
  • Eating in the locker room.  Think it doesn’t happen?  It does, and it’s gross.  She eats cereal in the locker room.
  • Women who clip their toe nails in the locker room.  Again, it’s gross.  And while I don’t walk around barefoot, I still don’t want to hear it or see it.   You don’t have to do ALL of your grooming at the gym.
So, this post was really supposed to be about how different it feels to be working out, and all the good and bad stuff that goes along with that, and I was going to tell you about my trainer, and all kinds of stuff.  But, if you know me, you know I’m a procrastinator, and writing this post was a lot easier.  Anyway, I’m sure more things bother me, but this is my most basic list.
You don’t do any of this do you?  I didn’t think so, good for you!

Ha, here’s a funny site to check out – Annoying at the Gym


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  1. What kind of a person clips their toenails in a public place? Ugh *shudder*

    I totally know where you’re coming from with your pet peeves. Eff those really fit people who effortlessly float about the gym working on machines and not getting so much as a pinkish tinge to their face! haha.
    Know what my pet peeve is? Those shoes that have toe separators… they’re like subjecting everyone to your toe socks. My apologies if you wear them, but I have a feeling you don’t because you are awesome. 😀

    • HA HA, I absolutely hate those shoes!!!!
      They are ugly, and if they are the brown ones, they make the person look like bigfoot.

      Seriously, ugliest shoes ever!

      And you are obviously someone of high intelligence and a good study of character, since you already know how awesome I am.


    • I was seriously horrified by the toenail clipping too… It’s bad enough when people do it at home, but in public?! I’m not entirely sure why it is so horrible, but it most definitely is.

      • It really is gross…but I guess the gym is better than the workplace, where I’ve had coworkers do it. WHY WHY WHY????

        And I forgot that my friend and I also saw a woman coloring her hair at the gym…..These people are WAY too comfortable in the gym locker room.

  2. OMG Erin those things are so true. When Brick and I did the gym way back when I remember alot of those things. I hated the skinny girl that would be complaining about 10 lbs, and looked like a model. LOL!!!

  3. At work?! My goodness, I didn’t think that it could get any worse! Is it a little odd that now I am a little disappointed that nothing out of the ordinary happens in my workplace? Although, the other week, a milkshake belonging to one of the receptionists was found in the immunisation fridge (a very carefully monitored and specially guarded fridge for the injection stuff) – perhaps every office DOES have those individuals who forget they’re not at home?!

    Hair dye? That is crazy! Crazy, or very confident.

  4. People do the craziest things at the gym. Really eating cereal at your locker? Gross. Thanks for hitting the nail on the head with these pet peeves of your(and everyone else)

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