Blurry Chevron


Ok, I am apologizing AGAIN about the photos.

I couldn’t take them in my normal outside spot, it was raining hard when I got home!

And….I am seriously unhappy with how the photos turned out, but I need to post something!

I’m still trying to master the belt over the cardigan look.

Not quite right on this one, but getting closer.

I love the combo of colors on this outfit.

Dress/Boots/Belt – Lane Bryant / Cardigan – Goodwill / Hairband – Icing or Claire’s?

Ignore the mess behind and around me.  I took this pictures QUICK.

I am so bad at blogging!

So, these boots….I’m using Boot Bands, which are a very cool product.  You can zip them into any boots that zip up the side.  They come in 2 colors, I believe, and are very versatile.  They can be a bit of a pain to use, but totally worth it.

Unfortunately, I’m currently at a point where the boots without the bands are impossible to zip up, and with the boot bands are a bit too loose.

I will have to wait to wear these boots, I think.

I can use the boot bands on any pair of boots though, very awesome.

If you have large calves and can’t find boots to fit, try these out.

I have another pair that I used them with, but I don’t need them on that pair anymore, maybe my legs shrunk a tiny bit!

HEY!  Have you voted yet????  Do it!
I’m sending in my ballot tomorrow!  Some very important issues here in Washington state, really hoping same-sex marriage gets approved!  Why should I be allowed to marry just because my partner is the opposite sex and other people can’t just because they are the same gender?  Doesn’t make sense to me.

So….excuse my sorry pitiful pictures for the night.

I’ve been sick, that’s my only excuse.


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    • Oh, love the silly doggies! They are big goofballs, I totally adore them.

      I did research for wide calf boots, because not all wide calves are created equal! I bought these off of Amazon actually, and they work pretty good. The zippers can be sticky, but if it allows me to wear more boots, I’m willing to fight with a zipper!

      The dress was on clearance, so I had to snatch it up!

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