Obi Wan….wannabe


You know, the post title don’t always work as well as I would like.  Thems the breaks

Apparently it’s belt week for me.  Well, 2 days in a row anyway.  Close enough

Tunic, belt – Lane Bryant / Leggings, sweater – Torrid / Shoes – Payless

I love this belt, although I almost returned it.  It looks like an obi belt, and I love those. But it’s meant to be worn off-center, so the hook in the front looks like it’s in the wrong spot.  Oh, you can’t see it?  Because I cleverly hid it with my sweater.  GENIUS

It is COLD here.  Last week it was only cold in the mornings and almost too warm in the afternoons, but now it’s just plain cold, and I like it.  Took out the winter coat today and I’m glad I did.   Sorry, I really have nothing important to say in today’s post, so I’m just rambling.

I love wearing this sweater, and other people love seeing it, so WIN WIN situation for everyone.  See how I give to others?  I’m just a kind soul.

I’ve posted it before, but here is a reminder photo of the back


I just got these leggings also, and it’s hard to tell, but they are spotted with shiny little silver studs

I was hesitant about wearing them, but then I said “Screw it, I like them.”  Seriously, I spent too much time when I was in my 20s hiding my shape and wearing clothes I didn’t even like, but I wore them because they were all I could find.  So now I wear what I like!!


I think I need a new camera.  Any suggestions?  The pictures have been looking blurry lately.


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  1. LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! Love your sense of style and could not agree more. Life is too short not to enjoy it fully. Wear the stuff you like and keep looking fabulous while doing it.

  2. OMG, LOVE this look. I love the sweater and I need to take a visit to Torrid, haven’t been there in some time. I also LOVE the belt, very chic. I like the close ups because I didn’t see the details on your leggings from far off and the color bits in your shirt match your shoes too… LOVE IT !! Looking great !!

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