These are the days


Sweater – swap with friend Deb / Skinny jeans – Torrid / Scarf – Target / Boots – Payless

Today’s outfit LOOKS plain and simple, but I was SO happy in it all day long.

That sweater is super duper comfy.

And I didn’t feel like it was boring or plain, I actually felt confident and happy in it.


I realize it’s hard to see any details, and that I have nothing of great insight to write about tonight.

I know it’s kind of boring,  but some days are like that.  Please continue to read my blog though, some days are better than others!


I was tired today and just threw on some clothes, and it turned out better than usual when I flounder to get dressed half asleep, in the dark.

I met up with some former coworkers last night, and it was so awesome.  We are all working in different jobs now, so it’s nice to meet up every once in a while and complain about our old common employer.


Ok, why the heck are all my pictures so blurry lately?

Good gosh, that’s annoying!

Random picture of how my hair looked after I had it twisted up all day.  It was pretty much flat within a couple of hours.  Cute for about 10 minutes!

Listening to my iPod today, “These Are the Days’ by The 10,000 Maniacs came on.  Remember the last post where I said I was a bit lost in the 90s?  Well, one thing that kept me grounded was music, and I listened to that song and that cd ALL THE TIME in that decade.  Hearing it today made me slightly melancholy.  It always made me so happy when I was younger, and I’d feel so hopeful.  I am still hopeful, just 20 years older now, so my perspective is a bit different.  It’s a good song though.


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  1. Your hair does look really cute! Maybe a little gel or hairspray to keep it up next time? I think your sweater/scarf combo looks great!

    As for blurry camera, mine gets that on occasion. Sometimes it could be the battery or smudged lens. Try a microfiber cleaning cloth and charge/new batteries.

    • Thanks, I will try cleaning it all. Hopefully that helps.
      As for the hair…I did spray it with a heck of a lot of spray, but I just have that typye of hair!!!

  2. Candy eberybody likes. I recently found some downloaded 10,000 maniacs on my ipod too. It was from the days when it was relatively easy to download anything for free. Now I’m too old to bother figuring it out.

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